Suzanne Cope, PhD is an educator, journalist, scholar, and content expert. She has more than 15 years working in marketing, content creation, online and print publishing, and user experience, and more than a decade in higher education, curriculum development, online teaching, and professional development. Her journalist pursuits focus on longform storytelling, connecting innovators to a larger cultural significance, and articles on food, culture, and education, and her scholarly interests are focused on innovative writing pedagogy, online teaching, narrative theory, and adult learning. She teaches and/or performs course development for University of Arkansas, Monticello Online MFA Program, St. John’s University, and Berklee College Online. She has experience in academic professional development for online teaching and curriculum development as well as writing across the curriculum with a focus on narrative. Suzanne is also available for consulting on user experience education and narrative and content building for start ups and rebranding. In these capacities she has worked with companies as diverse as the Chicago Humanities Festival, Raytheon, Boston Group, and A Curated World.

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