Academic Professional Development

Dr. Suzanne Cope has a PhD in Adult Learning and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Lesley University and has published and presented at academic conferences on innovative writing pedagogy, narrative writing across the curriculum, online course authoring and teaching, digital humanities, and food studies. She has worked with institutions on course, program, and institutional assessment; regional accreditation; online and hybrid course authorship and curriculum building; Writing Across the Curriculum efforts; among other academic consulting and professional development efforts. Dr. Cope has taught courses and seminars on teaching creative writing, integrating narrative reading and writing into a variety of disciplines, and innovative approaches to teaching writing and humanities courses in non-traditional (online, hybrid, and community-based) courses, and has developed original participant-based qualitative research on Adult Learning, with a focus on teaching narrative.

Dr. Cope is available to lead professional development on developing or teaching online courses and innovative approaches to narrative Writing Across the Curriculum efforts, among other topics as needed. These can be structured as a seminar, hybrid, or online format, or otherwise customized for your institution’s needs.

Contact Dr. Suzanne Cope: for more information.


Selected publications and presentations

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“From the Inside Out: Using Creative Writing Pedagogy in a Non-Major Undergraduate Literature Course.” Presentation. The Great Writing Conference, UK.

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